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    Professional Summary :
    Born Thai, French nationality, citizen of the world, I have lived and worked in France for more than 20 years in High fashion and cosmetic industry before landed to Thailand 10 years ago to start my Earth Saving Technology Company.
    During the last 10 years in Thailand I have exercised my experience into different fields as:
    Environmentalist : Research the causes of environmental issue and impact. Collaborate with NGO organization to build campaigns and find pragmatical solutions.
    Collaboration with International organizations such as: UN Water, SEED, Greenpeace, Trash Hero, University Mae Fah Luang 
    Innovator : Developer of new generation of atmospheric water technology and scale the technology into different products. I am also inventor of 5 Save Earth Start Up projects which will be shown to public in the coming years. We are focusing on planet issues such as : Water, Reforestation, Ocean pollution, Urban waste, Public transportation system for walkable city.
    Business coach: From background in highly competitive business industry in Paris, I dedicate time and knowledge to business company and charity foundation to overcome their complexes problems. Student’s start up project, Social Enterprise, green projects and NGO organization. I help them to improve income model, Marketing, Product development and financial management.
    Social Entrepreneur: Pass the Love Forward, my personal project from my fashion industry background has objective to raise funds to build drinkable water station for school in remote area.  By creating beautiful product in collaboration with the popular graphic artist and fashion designer to commercialize to public in limited edition in limited time. You can learn and support our project via link :
    Public speaker: Good ideas must be spread away. People need to be informed the situation of the planet’s issues, how to tackle the main problem, what is the solution and how to scale collaboration. I am invited by University, Public sectors, government to explain people how to flight against climate change. Bring sustainability to business. And what to invent to adapt work and life in the world crisis.
    สาขาที่เชี่ยวชาญ :
    รับซ่อมทุกปัญหาของชีวิต , ประสพการณ์กว่า 30 ปี
    ประสบการณ์ในการทำงาน :

    Environmentalist / Innovator/ Business Coach/ Social Entrepreneur , EcoloTech : The Earth Saving Technology Company

    Bangkok , Thailand

    Awarded innovation funds from National Innovation Agency (NIA) in 2016
    With the determination to solve the planet’s issues, Ecolotech brings about the new concept of solutions combining technology, business, design and social impact with new economic approaches. This is to disrupt the conventional business models creating pollution issues and inequality.
    We started by tackling the drinking water issue which produces billion plastic bottles waste per year. Most are left in landfills till the next millenary. Ecolotech’s mission is to revolutionize the drinking system of the world by producing healthy, clean and low-carbon water that doesn’t leave any plastic waste behind. We develop a technology that dews water from thin air, retreating using natural way to become high-quality and non-chemical drinkable water beyond any standards in the world.
    My experiences taught me that putting an effort into campaigns aren't effective enough to change people's mind and way of life. People do need help, coaching, tools and convenience.
    However, technology alone is not enough to resolve such complex problems. The technology must be well thought in close collaboration with designers. Good designs will drive consumers' behavior and convince them to interact better with technology. The business will play a part in cost management and development while the value and benefits must be shared with the unprivileged. We call this Planet Citizen Sharing System.
    Ecolotech was born from my passion to save our planet and foster equality, creating a world that we can proudly pass on to our children and the coming generations.
    Our product is in a phase of development in collaboration with 5 European companies and a company in South Korea.

    President , The Freedom Story

    , Thailand

    Freedom Story is a foundation established in 2008 by American donors in Oakland. The non-profit organization with 25 staff is responsible for 150 unprivileged children in Chiang Rai and Nan. TFS‘s missions are to fight against child trafficking in Northern Thailand through scholarships, mentorship, and resources for children at risk. In addition, we support unprivileged family to improve their quality of life and fight against poverty. 
    Appointed by the committee to guide the reconstruction of the foundation and reorganize work schema for more efficiency, my mission is to lead and advise the executive team of the organization concerning financial control, transparency, internal communication and marketing.
    TFS received the Human Rights Award 2020 under Not-for-profit organization category, Excellent level from Prime Minister of Thailand. This recognition reflects our work to prevent child trafficking based on the human rights principle.
    In 2022, we are working on a fundraising project to launch a bakery institute under French National Education Program to train young underprivileged to become bakers specializing in French delicacies. The idea of the project is to create the opportunity for children who love culinary art to earn a high-paid job and have international certifications. 
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