• Professional Practice Hazardous Chemicals Manufacture Control, and Management
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    Professional Summary :
    Ø Experience in regulatory affairs, regulatory compliance activities and submission of registration of Hazardous Substance in Public Health and Livestock.
    Ø Able to analyze and solve any problems in the workplace.
    Ø Ability to work effectively under pressure in order to meet the desired objectives.
    Ø Good communication and managerial skills.
    Ø Able to work well in a team and with a wide range of people.
    Ø Able to manage priorities under pressure and have multi-task skills.
    Ø Leadership, highly responsible, good human relations, proactive-person.
    สาขาที่เชี่ยวชาญ :
    Professional Practice Hazardous Chemicals Manufacture Control, and Management , by Council of Science and Technology Professionals
    ประสบการณ์ในการทำงาน :

    Regulatory affairs , Chemfleet Co.,Ltd.

    , Thailand

    ·        Proceed in product registration with FDA and Department of Livestock Development by prepare all require documents and consolidate. Work with cross-functional team to get an alignment for production formula, product sample, artwork and claim label.
    ·        Assist in reviewing regulatory documents and materials such as package inserts, labels and other packages.
    ·        Monitor and set timelines for license variations and renewal approvals
    ·        Monitoring and interpreting Thai regulatory issues and trends that will impact to company’s strategies in order to ensure that regulatory compliance efforts have a competitive advantage.
    • Project manage teams of colleagues involved with the development of new products
    ·        Work closely with R&D for lab analysis process.
    ·        Develop and maintain good relationships with FDA, Department of Livestock Development and all concerned government organizations.
    ·        Bidding document management.
    ·        Responsibility for Safe Health and Environment (SHE) in Chemfleet 
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    , คณะเกษตร
    , 2006-03-11

    นครปฐม , ไทย